“The Bro Code”- perhaps the most important doc men can see… and future parents of boys, and everyone who has ever encountered or will encounter a male… basically, see this!


Although we’ve been told that today’s men and women are more equal than ever, a closer look at the image of the modern “ideal male” that the media and society has created shows that things are FAR from equal. This macho, sexist, and womanizing persona that has become the pinnacle of manliness is not only terrible for our men, it’s down-right dangerous for our women, and his documentary shows just HOW true that is! Here is the summary of the doc from the host website to explain in more detail…

Distributed by the Media Education Foundation
Produced by Thomas Keith

“Filmmaker Thomas Keith takes aim at the forces in male culture that condition boys and men to dehumanize and disrespect women. Keith breaks down a range of contemporary media forms, zeroing in on movies and music videos that glamorize womanizing, pornography that trades in the brutalization of women, comedians who make fun of sexual assault, and a groundswell of men’s magazines and cable TV shows that revel in old-school myths of American manhood. Even as epidemic levels of men’s violence against women persist in the real world, the message Keith uncovers in virtually every corner of our entertainment culture is clear: It’s not only normal — but cool — for boys and men to control and humiliate women. Arguing that there’s nothing normal, natural, or inevitable about this mentality, The Bro Code challenges young people, young men and women alike, to step up and fight back against the idea that being a real man means being sexist.”

Featuring interviews with Michael Kimmel, Robert Jensen, Shira Tarrant, J.W. Wiley, Douglas Rushkoff, Eric Anderson, and Neal King.

After watching this video, I was reminded that sexual assault is not just a female problem (duh!) but MALES are the ones that are (99% of the time) committing these acts of violence against women! Its time we re-teach our boys what it REALLY means to be a MAN , to respect women, see them as equals, honor them, want the same things for them that they want for themselves: happiness, safety, freedom, independence… etc.. and change the macho male image that society has created for us.
I HIGHLY encourage you all to watch this documentary in its entirety… then pass the message along!
Thrive on Thrivers!!




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