A Powerful Message to Girls Everywhere Through Some Great Art!


Hello thrivers!

Found this great art by artist Carol Rosetti while i was browsing the web tonight and just had to share! its so important that we erase (and change!) many of the messages that the media and society preach about women. Math IS for girls! You CAN date whomever you choose! Its OK to not care about the latest fashion trends! If you don’t want to shave your legs (or anywhere else!) THATS GREAT! rock that stubble!! WHO cares!! and Blue can totally be a girl color, and pink, a boy color! Don’t ever let people tell you that you’re anything other than amazing, capable, and free to live the life you want! NOW GET OUT THERE AND PROOVE IT! :))  

check out more of Carol’s awesome and inspiring art on her tumbler: http://carolrossettidesign.tumblr.com/


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