Think you’re alone? maybe this will help…


Isn’t it just CRAZY that we live in a time where its just fine to come out and say that we were victims of a robbery or some crime like that, But even when we know that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men are victims of sexual abuse, NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT!?!? If you ask me, that’s a problem… the truth is, you’re not alone.. don’t believe me? check out this list of famous people who have also shattered the silence of their own sexual abuse. (hmm when do you think they’re gonna add Sarah from the Real World to the list, eh? haha) SPEAK OUT! BREAK THE SILENCE! TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!  I mean really…Henry Rollins, Mr. Badass-Motha’-You-Know-What himself is on the list! These people don’t let their abuse define them, and neither should you!

  • Alexander Pushkin (poet) abuse, info courtesy of AEST
  • Alice Walker (author/activist) abuse
  • Andrea Dworkin (author/activist) rape
  • Angela Rose (activist) sexual assault (visit Angela’s site here )
  • Angela Shelton (actress/model/director/actvist) incest
  • Angie Dickenson (actress, etc) emotional abuse
  • Anne Heche (actress) incest
  • Anne Sexton (poet) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST
  • Antwone Fisher (author) emotional abuse/child sexual abuse
  • Axl Rose (musician) child sexual abuse (according to
  • Baby Lyssa Chapman (famous bounty hunter/daughter of Dog) statutory rape
  • Beethoven (composer) unspecified child abuse
  • Beth Chapman (famous bail bondswoman/wife of Dog) domestic violence
  • Bill Clinton (former U.S. President) secondary domestic violence
  • Billie Holliday (singer) childhood rape
  • Billy Connoly (comedian) incest
  • Brett Butler (actress) domestic violence
  • Carlos Santana (musician) child sexual abuse
  • Carrie Otis (model) rape
  • Chester Bennington (musician) child sexual abuse
  • Christina Aguilera (singer) unspecified child abuse/secondary domestic violence
  • Christina Applegate (actress) dating violence
  • Christina Crawford (author) emotional abuse
  • Cindy Williams (actress) emotional abuse
  • Clara Bow (actress) incest
  • Connie Francis (singer) rape
  • Dave Mustaine (musician) child physical abuse/secondary domestic violence
  • Dave Pelzer (author) multiple forms of abuse
  • Derek Luke (actor) child sexual abuse
  • Desi Arnaz, Jr. (actor) emotional abuse
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter (famous bounty hunter/reality TV stars) child physical abuse
  • Dorie VanStone (author) multiple forms of abuse
  • Drew Barrymore (actress) unspecified child abuse
  • Eleanor Roosevelt (former First Lady) unspecified child abuse
  • Elizabeth I (Queen of England) teenage sexual assault, info courteousy of AEST
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning (poet) abuse, info courteousy of AEST
  • Elizabeth Loftus (psychologist) child sexual abuse
  • Ella Fitzgerald (singer) abuse
  • Emme (model) emotional abuse
  • Erin Gray (actress) unspecified child abuse
  • Eve Ensler (playwright/actress) incest
  • Fantasia (singer) teenage rape
  • Farrah Faucett (actress) domestic violence
  • Fiona Apple (musician) childhood rape
  • Florence Holway (artist/activist) rape
  • Fran Drescher (actress) rape
  • Gabrielle Union (actress) rape
  • Gavin DeBecker (violent crime expert) psychological abuse
  • George Orwell (author) unspecified child abuse
  • Greg Luganis (athlete) abuse
  • Halle Berry (actress, model) domestic violence
  • Henry Miller (writer) abuse, info courtesy of AEST
  • Henry Rollins (musician) child sexual abuse
  • Janice Dickenson (model) child physical & emotional abuse
  • Janice Mirikitani (poet) incest, Janice’s story is featured on a DVD sold at RAINN’s site
  • Johannes Brahms (composer) child sexual abuse, info courteousy of AEST
  • Jonathan Davis (musician) child sexual abuse
  • Joyce Meyer (evangelist, author) child physical abuse & incest
  • Kirk Hammett (musician) child physical & sexual abuse
  • Laveraneus Coles (athlete) child sexual abuse
  • Leslie Triber (author/poet) abuse
  • Lorena Bobbit – marital rape
  • Lynn C. Tolson (author) incest/domestic violence/sexual assault
  • Marie Waldrep (poet/activist) incest/domestic violence
  • Marilyn Manson (musician) child sexual abuse
  • Marilyn Monroe (actress) child physical & sexual abuse/childhood attempted rape (according to violence
  • Marilyn VanDerber Atler (former Miss America) incest
  • Mary J. Blige (singer) emotional abuse/childhood rape/secondary domestic violence
  • Mary Wollestonecraft (author) child physical abuse
  • Mata Hari (famous spy) domestic violence
  • Maya Angelou (author, poet) childhood rape
  • Maynard James Keenan (musician) child sexual abuse
  • Meat Loaf (musician) peer abuse/parental physical abuse (?)
  • Mike Patton (musician) neglect/child sexual abuse
  • Missy Elliot (rapper, producer) child sexual abuse/secondary domestic violence
  • Nicole Brown Simpson – domestic violence (very likely murdered by OJ)
  • Oprah Winfrey (talk show host) child sexual abuse
  • Ozzy Osbourne (musician) emotional abuse
  • Pamela Anderson (actress) rape/domestic violence
  • Patricia Weaver Francisco (author) rape
  • Patsy Cline (singer) domestic violence
  • Patty Duke (actress, etc.) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST
  • Paula White (evangelist, author) child sexual abuse
  • Queen Latifah (rapper/actress/model) child sexual abuse
  • Rain Pryor (actress) child physical abuse/teenage sexual abuse
  • Richard Nixon (former U.S. President) unspecified child abuse
  • Rita Hayworth (actress) incest
  • Robert Blake (actor) multiple forms of abuse, info courtesy of AEST
  • Rosanne Barr (actress/activist) child sexual abuse
  • Rose McGowan (actress) religious related (SRA?) abuse
  • Rosie Perez (actress) child sexual abuse
  • Rudyard Kipling (author) unspecified child abuse
  • Sandra Dee (actress) incest
  • Sinead O’Connor (musician) multiple forms of abuse, info courteousy of AEST
  • Stasi Eldredge (author) rape
  • Suzanne Somers (actress) emotional abuse
  • Teri Hatcher (actress) incest
  • Tina Turner (singer) domestic violence
  • Tom Arnold (actor, etc) abuse, info courtesy of AEST
  • Toni Childs (musician) abuse, info courteousy of AEST
  • Tori Amos (musician) rape
  • Virginia Woolf (author) incest
  • Viva (actress) child sexual abuse

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