Making Sense of Monsters: Now Available on Amazon!


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Everyone always wants to know the WHOLE story, so here it is..


Making Sense of Monsters is a memoir written by my mother that humorously and honestly tells of the ups and downs we have encountered in sharing our family’s story. She talks about what it was like to stand by me as I came forward about the sexual abuse I experienced at the hands of my father and shares how through defending and protecting me, SHE ended up on the terrorist watch list…. yup, you read that right… Terrorist. Watch list.

(PS! Order by December 2 and receive 30% off with the code BOOKDEAL at checkout!)

It’s a GREAT book.. but I’m a little biased…so here’s what a few others had to say…

“I could not put this book down. I just had to know what happened next. I am so inspired by this womans ability to face such adversity in her life and come through it all with such a positive attitude and her sense of humor still intact. Good for you Ms. Rice for standing up for what is right and protecting your family. You are my heroine. We need more people like you in the world.” -Zipprae

“Great book. I couldn’t but it down. Well written and holds your interest. A journey of how the author grows from her conflicts in life and learns to confront the demons of her past. A must read.”-Josephine Braund


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